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What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #147

Enterprise Infrastructure is white hot 🔥🔥🔥 this week - bummer as I kind of liked it when no one thoug
What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #147
By Ed Sim • Issue #147 • View online
Enterprise Infrastructure is white hot 🔥🔥🔥 this week - bummer as I kind of liked it when no one thought it was cool 😃- Datadog and Ping Identity file for IPOs, SignalFX bought by Splunk for over $1b, and VMWare buying Pivotal for $2.7b and Carbon Black for $2.1b, and oh yeah, it was YC demo day with the most exciting companies being SaaS startups who were the Superhuman of X, and Salesforce crushed it’s numbers…again

Scaling Startups
Ed Sim
If you’re an enterprise startup selling top-down and crushing it, you better be thinking about how to offer a bottom-up developer related offering, that is what may kill you in the long run and winning ❤️ and 🧠of developers is LT key to scale efficiently
12:17 PM - 23 Aug 2019
Kate Clark
Most of the startups finishing out sky high bidding wars w/ top VCs are enterprise SaaS startups (big surprise). YC has nearly completed its transition to SaaS incubator. It’s even introduced “CTO & HR demo day” so S19 could pitch alumni execs on their products right off the bat.
8:45 PM - 19 Aug 2019
Enterprise Tech
Must read tweetstorm from Phil Venables, ex-CISO of Goldman Sachs, on thinking about cybersecurity as a first class business risk - so many nuggets of wisdom here
Phil Venables
Cybersecurity as a first class business risk. A thread.

I see a lot of commentary on the need to “treat cyber/info-security as a business issue not an IT issue”. The problem is it implies that this is not still also a technology issue. This is, of course, incorrect.

2:27 AM - 17 Aug 2019
Marc Benioff
Salesforce Growth:

2020 $16.9B (guidance)
2019 $13.2B
2018 $10.5B
2017 $8.4B
2016 $6.7B
2015 $5.4B
2014 $4.1B

Thank you Ohana! ❤️
4:23 PM - 22 Aug 2019
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By Ed Sim

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