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What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #153

random week with some tweetstorms on scaling growth, how to negotiate and what went into a first chec
What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #153
By Ed Sim • Issue #153 • View online
random week with some tweetstorms on scaling growth, how to negotiate and what went into a first check memo for Superhuman in 2014; deep read on what it takes to have CD4ML and great list of top 100 DevOps practitioners to follow…

Scaling Startups
Andrew Chen
My order of operations when I sit down with a startup to figure out how to grow their new product.

1) first, is it working?
Usually the answer is no :) I look at retention rates, DAU/MAU, session lengths, how many visits are driven via push notifs, etc etc. Lots of benchmarking
7:12 PM - 29 Sep 2019
Founders, you don’t get if you don’t ask - read Yan-David’s (Coatue) cheat sheet on negotiating
Yan-David Erlich 🐼
Want to get what you ask for?


No, it’s not a bad word. You do it all the time but probably don’t know it!

Here are the two things I did to get better at it:

1/ Read this book:

2/ Use my cheat sheet:
7:23 PM - 4 Oct 2019
what went into our Superhuman investment memo in 2014
Ed Sim
@rahulvohra @Boldstartvc @firstround 🙏🏼 just for kicks, reminded me to look back at our memo from 2014 - key risks - not being able to build a world class product ✅, not being able to get users to pay ✅, not being able to cost effectively get distribution ✅ - 😃
6:01 AM - 3 Oct 2019
Enterprise Tech
James Watters
@s1p @springboot The growth of @springboot is part of a larger trend in enterprises: open source first, cloud-native, developer-first integration patterns. is now the grand central station where OSS technologies integrate and connect.
11:39 PM - 4 Oct 2019
Frank Quattrone
Expect to see the best companies separate the tasks of capital raising + listing by going public through direct listings. Why pay an additional 20-50% “fee” to the banks' most active trading customers when those returns belong to companies’ shareholders?
1:06 PM - 1 Oct 2019
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